Peter Schnurman

Peter Schnurman
19526 - 8TH AVE NW • SHORELINE, WA 98177 • USA

Home Phone: (206) 542-0738 • Mobile Phone: (206) 799-5512

Peter Schnurman was born and raised in New York City, and has been photographing since he was a young boy.

After marrying Hinda in 1961, they lived in
Turkey and Israel for two years, and moved to Seattle in 1970, where they have lived since then. They are the proud parents of 3 married sons and 6 grandchildren.

Peter is a retired social worker – community organizer, and Hinda is a health administrator. Peter has worked for a variety of non profit community organizations in Seattle, and previously in New York and New Jersey. They presently spend much of their tme photographing, volunteering, and traveling.

Peter photographed North American landscapes using large and medium format cameras, and international landscapes with 35mm film and digital cameras, and uses 35 mm SLR cameras, both film and digital, for photographing people and places in developing countries and other places around the world.

Peter and Hinda have been volunteering with non governmental organizations in developing countries around the world since 2000 where Peter has found many photographic opportunities. They have volunteered in Thailand, India, Uganda, Namibia, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Tanzania. They have also lived in Turkey, and Israel. and traveled in the USA, Canada. Europe and elsewhere.

Peter’s work can be found in many private homes, non profits, and businesses, and on various web sites, has been used by non profits both in the United States and in the underdeveloped world for posters, postcards, etc. as a part of income generating projects for those groups. He has had several shows in local galleries in the Seattle area. In addition, he has won various awards for both his landscape and people photography, and several of the organizations that Peter and Hinda volunteer for feature Peter’s work on their web sites and in their printed material. When in Seattle, Peter volunteers with organizations that help immigrants become US citizens.

Peter can be contacted at 206.799.5512, or 206.542.0738, and by email at or To see some of Peter’s images, visit, or to learn about their volunteer experiences, find them on the internet at, and at